Sexual Misconduct Interactive Resource Guide

For Students

Leave of Absence or Withdrawal from UVA

If what you experienced is significantly impacting your ability to complete your courses, you can request a leave of absence or withdrawal from UVA.

Leave of absence

leave of absence refers to students who plan to be away from UVA in a future semester or semesters. Requests for a leave of absence MUST be filed prior to the first day of the semester.


Withdrawal refers to students who withdraw from UVA prior to the conclusion of the semester for medical or personal reasons. Students under the age of 18 MUST give notice to their parents or legal guardians of their intent to withdraw. Requests to withdraw MUST be made in writing to the student's academic dean's office and be approved by their dean.

A leave of absence or withdrawal allows you to remain a student at UVA while taking time away to heal and receive appropriate treatment and recovery. The Student Safety & Support Team (SS&ST) can provide more information about your options for departing from UVA for a period of time.

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