Land Acknowledgment

Creating a truly diverse and inclusive environment is a challenge for any institution. At UVA, this challenge is particularly acute because of the University’s specific history.

The UVA Title IX Office acknowledges that its office, and the University as a whole, sit on Monocan Tribal Land.

Languages and Tribes of VA

The University was designed to educate southern white gentlemen. It was built by enslaved laborers, on Monacan tribal land, and enslaved and free Black people provided the labor and capital that supported the students and faculty through the Civil War. In the twentieth century, the University was a pioneer in the eugenics movement and supported segregated schools. The education denied to Indigenous nations was publicly acknowledged by what is now recognized as the Commonwealth of Virginia in 2007, yet few institions have made significant progress on increasing the representation of Indigenous students.

We at UVA will continue to seek opportunities to engage in meaningful relationship building for our shared futures and acknowledge with respect that we live, learn, and work on the traditional territory of the Monacan Indian Nation. We pay respect to their elders and knowledge keepers past, present, and emerging.

As we engage greater care and sustainable actions in our relations with many Indigenous nations, we invite you to learn more about the Monacan Indian Nation and encourage you to visit the Monacan Ancestral Museum, located just 50 miles from Charlottesville.

The Monocan Indian Nation in Their Own Words
The Tribes of Virginia

In recognizing that UVA is on Monacan Land, we also recognize that the University benefits from relationships with additional Indigenous nations and tribes in what is now called Virginia. There is in fact a complex historical-spatial relationship with many Indigenous nations resulting from the specific histories of federal treaties, expulsion, and war. To learn more about each of the federally or state recognized tribes in what is now called Virginia you can visit their websites for more information.