Office of Health Promotion Programs

A variety of education programs, developed by trained professionals in the Office of Health Promotion and student leaders, are available (see below).

To request a program, please e-mail [email protected] or sign up using this sexual respect program request form

Collaborative Consent

So often students are told what consent is not, but not what consent is or how to communicate about it! This program seeks to address this knowledge gap by utilizing a new, relational framework to communicate consent. Students explore key aspects of consent and how it applies to various situations, including when alcohol is involved, and practice ways to communicate it. (Duration: 60 mins) 


Healthy Relationships

How can we tell if a relationship is healthy or not? This program explores what makes a relationship healthy, abusive, or somewhere in between. Students are invited to work together to examine behaviors and situations in their everyday lives and reflect on how to build meaningful connections and community. (Duration: 60 mins)  


Hoos Got Your Back

A community of care means being there for one another and helping out when needed! This program focuses on how to have each other’s backs through the ‘3Ds’ of bystander intervention. Everyone has the power and responsibility to make UVA a safer place and this program can equip students with the knowledge and skills to do so. (Duration: 60 mins)  



Let’s talk about sex, baby! This highly interactive program gets students out of their seats as they explore sexual health messages, debunk common myths, and learn about safer sex strategies. This presentation is presented by the Peer Health Educators (PHE), with more information available on the Peer Health Educators website. To request this program, please use the Peer Health Educators outreach program webpage instead of the sign-up link above. (Duration: 60 mins)  


Tailored programs and consultations by request.