Tuesday Talks

This summer, one of our interns had the opportunity to speak with various individuals involved with Title IX. Read all about their interviews here.

Expect new articles to be posted to this website on Tuesdays, so be sure to check back to learn more about some of the amazing individuals working with Title IX!

Meredith Smith

Meredith Smith headshot

"Meredith Smith is our new-ish Title IX coordinator. She’s been around for long enough to know to say 'Grounds' instead of 'campus', but not quite long enough to have removed campus from her vocabulary (yet). Luckily, Meredith has plans for big revisions in UVA’s Title IX department, so she has plenty of time to change that habit."

Click through to read more about Meredith and her work with the Title IX Office.

Alex Hall

Alex Hall headshot

"Alex Hall’s passion lies in helping UVA students, and being an alumnus herself, has worked, lived, and studied in the same places we have for 12 years. After working for many years in the Title IX office from its start in 2015, she is now an Associate Dean at the University. Her responsibilities in our community may have altered, but her desire to provide unwavering support for students who have gone through trauma is unchanged."

Click through to read more about Alex and her work.