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Sexual harm prevention and response to harm are big topics, and below are a variety of resources for those seeking more information.  

Guiding Principles for Sexual Harm Prevention at UVA 

  1. Each individual has the agency and the freedom of choice regarding their own self, body, and sexuality. 

  1. Sexual harm occurs when an individual’s agency (choice) and/or freedom (ability to choose) is denied by another person or persons. 

  1. Harm can manifest in physical, psychological, emotional, and social domains, and can have both short- and long-term adverse implications for personal, academic, social, and professional health and well-being. 

  1. As part of the University of Virginia, each of us is able to affirm, fail to acknowledge, or deny this agency and freedom for ourselves and each other, and the community at large. 

Gender Table

The below table and accompanying questions explore some healthy and unhealthy ways for people to live authentically, regardless of gender and other identity norms. Take some time to explore the healthy and unhealthy examples and think about your own experience and identity. 

Table describing various healthy and unhealthy behaviors in regard to gender.