Sexual Misconduct Interactive Resource Guide

For Students

Housing Accommodations

If you do not feel safe in your current living situation, you can request housing accommodations. Whether you live on-Grounds and would like to move to different on-Grounds housing or live off-Grounds and would like to move on-Grounds, the Student Safety & Support Team (SS&ST) can help you assess available options. Please note that SS&ST cannot guarantee a housing change, but they will work with you to find available resources.

If there is an immediate threat to your safety, then you can request emergency housing. You can speak to your Resident Advisor (RA) about your situation if you feel comfortable doing so and live on-Grounds, but please keep in mind they are a private resource and may share information with key staff members to facilitate room changes or other housing accommodations for your safety.

In most cases, SS&ST will consult with Housing and Residence Life (HRL) to make specific housing accommodations for you. You do not need to request a room change online for upperclassmen or through your Assistant Dean for Residence Life for first years. However, limited information about your incident may be shared with staff at HRL in order to facilitate accommodations.

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