"Title IX" vs. "Sexual/Gender-Based" Prohibited Conduct (Plain Text)

This graphic, which is colored in shades of blue and orange, has a title that says “Differences Between Title IX Prohibited Conduct and Sexual/Gender-Based Prohibited Conduct.” The main description says “Title IX Prohibited Conduct is pervasive, objectively offensive, and severe, whereas Sexual and Gender-Based Prohibited Conduct is defined as pervasive, persistent, or severe. Title IX Prohibited Conduct has to fit all three criteria, but Sexual and Gender-Based Prohibited Conduct only needs to fit one of the three criteria.”

The first section is called “Title IX prohibited Conduct” and has a description saying “Determined by where the conduct occurred in the United States and in the University’s education program or activity. Additionally, the Complainant needs to be actively participating in the school sponsored event at the time the complaint is filed.” There is then a list of included conduct that is prohibited. The list says “Quid Pro Quo Harassment (Employee-Student), Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Sex-based Stalking.” This section is accompanied by an image of the roman numeral for 9 (IX).

The next main section is titled “Sexual/Gender-Based Prohibited Conduct” and is described as being “Determined when such conduct does not meet the definition of Title IX Prohibited Conduct. This conduct can occur on University property, including University-sponsored study abroad, research, online, or internship programs, but may also occur at the residence of University affiliated individuals and other off-grounds areas that cause continuing effects/create a hostile work environment for University members.” The list for this section includes “Quid pro Quo Harassment, Sexual or Gender-based Hostile Environment Harassment, Non-consensual Sexual Contact, Non-consensual sexual intercourse, Sexual Exploitation, Intimate Partner Violence, Stalking (not on the basis of sex), Retaliation, Complicity.” The image for this section is two people standing on a see-saw that is balanced, demonstrating equality.