Title IX Quick Guide to Resources (Plain Text)

This guide is filled with ovals, each with text within it. The guide is titled “Quick Guide to Resources.” The first oval is titled “Medical care options” and says “Student Health and Wellness and UVA Medical Center.” 

Then, the next section is On-Grounds resources. This includes CAPS, Student Health, Just Report It, Madison House HELP Line, Student Safety & Support Team (Dean on Call), The Women’s Center, CIOS (Culture of Respect Educators (CORE), One Love, Peer Health Educators (PHE), Take Back the Night), LGBTQ+ resources (Multicultural Student Services, LGBTQ Student Services, LGBTQ Center), BIPOC resources (Multicultural Student Services, Office of African-American Affairs). 

An arrow coming from the oval that includes Just Report It as well as an arrow from Student Safety and Support Team (Dean on Call) points to an oval titled “Reporting to UVA” This description includes “Title IX Office: Formal Process, Informal Process.” There are two more arrows pointing out from the Student Safety & Support Team, beyond the one that points to Reporting to UVA. The next arrow points to “Reporting to the police,” which has bullet points that say “Call 911 for emergencies, Ben Rexrode at UPD, Albemarle County police, City of Charlottesville Police.” The last arrow points to an oval titled “How they can help,” which then has bullet points that say “Academic accommodations (communicating with professors), housing accommodations, leave of absence/withdrawal, no contact directives.”

Then there is a section on Off-Grounds Resources. The main bubble for this includes Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA); Shelter for Help in Emergency (SHE); Family Violence and Sexual Assault Virginia Hotline; Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network (RAINN). 

From the On-Grounds LGBTQ+ resources bubble there is a line to another bubble of Off-Grounds LGBTQ+ resources, which include Cville Pride Community Network, “Trans in the South” Guide, FORGE, LGBT National Help Center, and The Anti-Violence Project. 

Finally, connected to the On-Grounds BIPOC resources is a list Off-Grounds BIPOC resources. These include Women of Color Network, SCESA, Esperanza United, NAPIESV, and Inclusive Therapists.