Title IX Lingo and Tips for RAs (Plain Text)

This infographic includes a pink background with blue details and white boxes, which the text is written in. The title reads “Title IX Lingo and Tips for RAs.” The first section is titled “SafeGrounds Reporting” and includes a description box that says “Responsible Employee/ Mandated Reporter. RAs are considered responsible employees which means they are required by the university to report all cases of Secual and Gender-based Misconduct on the SafeGrounds website. When a resident starts to talk about something that sounds Title IX related, remind them that you are a mandated reporter. The terms you will use on SafeGrounds Reports are listed below:”

The first term is Complainant, which is defined as “The person who reports the Misconduct.” The image next to this definition is of an individual with an exclamation point in a speech bubble.

The next term is Respondent, defined as “The person being accused of Misconduct.” This term’s image is of an individual with fingers being pointed at them.

Next is the term Reporter. This description reads “Yourself, as the RA (i.e. your name). Select Student as your role, NOT Employee.” This image is a megaphone.

The second section is Support and Helpful Tips, with the Title IX email, [email protected], typed above. The first tip reads “Let your resident know that they will receive an email from ODOS about support and steps moving forward, remind them that EVERYTHING is on THEIR TERMS and that they only have to proceed with ODOS if they choose to!” This description’s image is two hands held together.

The second tip says “Remind them that this is not their fault. Listen, believe, and validate. Try to ask open ended questions, ask how you can best support them in this time, provide resources that match their wants. [i.e. a confidential employee, CAPS, UVA Student Health, Sexual Assauly Resource Agency (SARA), etc.]” This tip is accompanied by an image of an ear.

The final box on the bottom of the graphic says “Check the Title IX website for more info on resources and the Title IX processes. ****REMEMBER TO CALL THE HRL RESPONSE TEAM 434-297-6500****"