Title IX On-Grounds Resources (Plain Text)

This graphic is titled On-Grounds Resources. On the left is a three-way venn-diagram, with circles of purple, yellow, and blue. The purple circle is titled Confidential, and includes CAPS, SARA, Student health, and the Women’s Center. The yellow circle is Anonymous and includes downloaded and printed Just Report It form. Where these two circles overlap is the number “01.” This number corresponds to a box on the right, which reads “01: Madison House HELP Line.” 

The next circle is blue, which is labeled Private and includes Student Safety & Support Team (SS&ST) and Title IX Office. Between the yellow and blue circles (Anonymous and Private) is the number “02,” which corresponds to another box on the right that says “02:” Dean on Call, anonymous M-F after 5pm and 24/7 on weekends when UPD refers you.” 

The third and final box on the right is called “On-Grounds CIOs” and includes Culture of Respect Educators (CORE), One Love, Peer Health Educators (PHE), and Take Back the Night.