Sexual Respect Programs (Plain Text)

This graphic has pages that include an orange flower with green leaves overlaid on a blue and white background. The text is written in the flower. All pages include the UVA Title IX instagram handle (@uvatitleix) at the bottom of the page. The title page reads “Sexual Respect Programs: sign up now!” 

The first page includes an overview of the programs and says “A variety of education programs, developed by trained professionals in the Office of Health Promotion and student leaders, are available to students. Swipe to learn more!”

The first program reads “Hoos Got Your Back: This program focuses on how to have each other’s backs through the ‘3Ds’ of bystander intervention. Everyone has the power and responsibility to make UVA a safer place and this program can equip students with the knowledge and skills to do so.”

The second program says “Collaborative Consent: So often students are told what consent is not, but not what consent is or how to communicate about it! This program seeks to address this knowledge gap by utilizing a new, relational framework to communicate consent.”

The third program is “We Good?: This program explores what makes a relationship healthy, abusive, or somewhere in between. Students are invited to work together to examine behaviors and situations in their everyday lives to build meaningful connections and community.”

The fourth program says “Salmon Pants & Pearls: This program examines the messages people receive about what it means to be a ‘real man’ or ‘lady’ in society. In doing so, we can see which aspects of masculinity and femininity are healthy and which hinder us from being our most authentic selves.”

The final slide includes information for requesting programs, and says “To request a program, email [email protected] or fill out this form: