Reporting Basics: Who, What, Where (Plain Text)

The title reads “Title IX Reporting: Who, What, Where.” The flowchart has an orange, blue, and white color scheme. The flowchart begins with the question “What can I report.” There is then an arrow pointing to a box that reads “Quid Pro Quo Harassment, Sexual Harrassment, Sexual Assauly, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Sex-Based Stalking can all be reported. These are included in UVA’s definition of Title IX Prohibited Conduct.” 

The next question is “Where can I make a report?” with an arrow pointing to three different boxes, with the word “OR” written in all caps between each box. The first box reads “Just Report It: UVA’s online reporting resource (anonymous reporting options available)”. The second box says “Student Affairs: Rotunda, Northeast Wing, 1826 University Avenue, P.O. Box 400303, Charlottesville, VA, 22904. 434-924-7984. [email protected]” and the third box says “Title IX Office, O’Neil Hall, Room 037, P.O. Box 400211, 445 Rugby Road, Charlottesville, VA, 22904. (434) 297-7988 (Title IX). [email protected].” 

The third question is “Who can I talk to?” and has two arrows coming out, each pointing to a box. The box on the left reads “I want someone that will support me, but who isn’t required to report it” and this box then points to a box reading “Confidential Employees: Confidential employees are not required by law to report Title IX incidents. Examples include UVA healthcare providers and some Women’s Center employees.” The box to the right of “Who can I talk to?” says “I want to talk to someone who can help me report an incident” and this box then has an arrow to a box reading “Responsible Employees: Responsible employees are required to report any incident of prohibited conduct. Examples include most of UVA staff, RAs, and professors. However, professors aren’t required to report when the incident is brought up in a class discussion or assignment.”

The flowchart includes the words “Report = Support” and the University of Virginia logo at the bottom.