Alex Hall

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Alex Hall’s

passion lies in helping UVA students, and being an alumnus herself, has worked, lived, and studied in the same places we have for 12 years.

After working for many years in the Title IX office from its start in 2015, she is now an Associate Dean at the University. Her responsibilities in our community may have altered, but her desire to provide unwavering support for students who have gonet hrough trauma is unchanged.

"There are some students who don’t want their association Dean’s or supervisor for their on-grounds job to know that [they went through an assault], which is why we handle it from the report. "

Alex Hall is incredibly knowledgeable about Title IX processes as well as university andcommunity resources. If you were to come to her about a report, she would make sure that you know that she is not a confidential employee and would need to report the situation, but the Title IX office would handle the case itself.

Alex is a resource who can help you navigate how a traumatic situation is weighing on someone, if they need to move dorms/classes, and what specific help they need. If details about an assault or dsicrimination are shared and a report is filed, Meredith Smith, UVA’s title IX coordinator, gets involved.

"I try to give [a survivor], at any opportunity - agency - like if/when they want to engage in support, what kind of support, if they want to talk to me if they want to talk to somebody else, what type of support they want, if they want to disclose information in the first place"

Alex Hall speaks well on Meredith's plans for preventative work, but is proud of our lauded response policy for putting students first. Alex’s goal of supporting students through traumatizing experiences is extended through the dean's office and the Title IX office goals.

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